A good marketing and outreach strategy is key to an organization’s recruitment efforts and stakeholder engagement activities.  Dyer Consulting Services will help you enhance your marketing and outreach plans with a special emphasis on the LGBT community in Washington, DC.   We specialize in building relationships and improving long-term outcomes and results.

Currently, we are working with Whitman Walker Health on a long term project to improve Whitman Walker’s visibility in the LGBT community and support its re-branding efforts.  This project includes re-introducing Whitman Walker to key community leaders/opinion makers and developing programming to reach non-patients.

Additionally, Christopher Dyer has over fifteen years of experience creating and developing member/special event promotion strategies for a variety of associations including the American Lung Association, the American Bar Association, and Smith Bucklin & Associates.  Dyer has a demonstrated track record of both short term and long term growth for these and other organizations.